Monday, April 15, 2013

April 6-7, 2013: VADA/Nova Spring Show at Morven Park Kicks off our 2013 Show Season!!!

Claudia, Charlotte & I worked fast and furious to get the trailer packed up for our first show of the season!! We could not find the Thornridge drapes & banner -- somehow they had made their way to the house at the end of last season!! But, they made their trip to Morven ONLY for Chuck to give us a hard-time because we FORGOT THE RATS!!! So, this is what we have to say to Chuck!!! No fear, though, Andrew, Bambi & Newest Friend have become stow-aways in the trailer again and will be out, in full force, this 2013 season!!!!!

Photos and results of our first show have been updated on Face Book and the Current News section of this website! But, I really wanted to include this photograph, here! Here is, coming 4yo, Dressed To Kill, aka "Calvin" at his first show EVER. I was so excited to watch his great behavior in his first warm-up experience that I did not know, until later, that the black mare in the background is Wrosette!! Wrosette is Calvin's Mom's Full Sibling! The last time that Calvin and Wrosette were together was in 2009. That year, they competed together (Calvin was at Romy's side) at Dressage at Devon, for the Get of Sire Class representing the late Wallstreet Kid!!! HOW COOL is this photo, especially as it is Wrosette's first time to compete in performance classes for years and it marks Calvin's first ever performance show.  Geeze -- all the stars certainly aligned at this moment in time!!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

March 8/9, 2013: More In House Clinic Pictures....thank you, Becky!!!

Claudia & Prince are gearing up and looking GREAT for 2nd Lvl in 2013!!!

Phoebe & Riblet are ready for their FEI 6YO & 3rd Lvl debut in April 2013!!!!

What a "GOOD BOY," Claud's Prince is ALL THE TIME!!!!!
I don't know if it is possible to love a horse more?  

Riblet just keeps getting MORE & MORE exciting every stride. Becky's horse is the most thrilling that I have ridden for YEARS. Even with several crushed/impacted back ribs from my mid-February fall down the stairs, this horse is just a pleasure in every way!!! Riblet INSPIRES!!!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

March 8 & 9: WONDERFUL Clinic with Robin Silke at Thornridge

Calvin Day 1: The winds were whipping and Calvin was up & light and worked very well for his-coming 4yo-self. We entered the ring and Robin said "WOW, that's one good looking horse!" Of course my standard reply was, "He's just my happy and spoiled pet, so let's have some fun!" Robin agreed he understands FORWARD and connect, so let's slow him down and gain more POWER in his gaits. Always willing to please, Calvin met the challenge with style!!!

Calvin Day 2: The winds were gone and the temps were a well welcomed warm, but Baby-Calvin was a little tired from Day 1-Clinic.  Even though his naturally HUGE canter gains strength, every ride, he was really strong and heavy today. Wowser -- his tired-self needed a ton of support from me to be able to remotely sit and balance him, esp today, in the canter. Youngsters are a lot of work!!!!

Calvin Day 2:  His trot, too, today was more challenging then yesterday, but we had some great moments, age-related. His gait adjustability and sitting power is coming along nicely. 

In addition to his well dressed self (Dressed To Kill, aka: "Calvin" is sporting his 2013 Valentine's Hennig Bridle), other rider/horses that participated in the clinic include: Prince/Claudia, Whimsy/Claudia, Riblet/Phoebe, Keely/Jackie, Beverly/Prophecy and Brisk/Suzanne.  Look back for a few more photos to get posted. Several Thornridge students had conflicts this clinic date, so we are anxious to have Robin Silke come back again for ALL of us to ENJOY and LEARN from.  Thank you, Robin!!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lusting After Londonderry Lad, aka: "LARRY!!"

Thornridge is thrilled to report that "Larry" is officially undersaddle. Here are a few pictures of him on his 8th ride undersaddle. He has been easy-peasy in every way to ride. What a happy fellow!!! Add this talented horse in our 2013 Show Line-Up!!!! Thank you to Mardi Herman for giving him a great start!!!

2012 AHS & AHHA Awards Arrived Yesterday!!!!

WHISPER EFSH's Third Place Ribbon arrived yesterday: The American Hanoverian Society's third place winner in Sport Horse Breeding, Fillies 2YO & 3YO Combined!!!!!
Congrats to Ali Riggle on the Fall 2012 purchase of this true "Beauty Queen!!"

WINDSONG FV's Third Place Ribbon for USDF ALL BREEDS: American Holsteiner Horse Association third place winner for First Level Open Division!!!!!

NOTE FROM THE RATS:   "We are so excited for the National Year End Awards received by Whisper, Windy, Veronica, and Keely! But, we are even more thrilled that the schedule has been set for 2013 -- we are confident that this year is sure to please, as well!!!"

Sunday, January 20, 2013

An Exciting 2013 is in the Making!!!

 So, the BIG NEWS is that I have finished all necessary 2012 (&2011) paperwork.......pictured here is the foot-high stack of this past season's photography discs!!!  And, that means that I have reached my 2013 New Year GOAL....yup, miracles do happen, I am officially on Face Book.  Which basically that means that I somehow exist theses days, but have NO CLUE as to what I am doing....LOL!!!  Maybe one of theses days, I'll figure out how to tag, like sites, etc............verdict is still out?!?
 And, speaking of 2013 -- Calvin has just returned from his second undersaddle adventure off of the farm!! Great clinic today with Eugene.  Today marks Clavin's first time to trailer in shipping boots AND in a normal "big horse" stall.  He has traveled 3 times, to date, and that means he has been in a box-stall.  Pinch me now, my pet is growing up.  Go TEAM CALVIN: Claudia & Phoebe.
Go TEAM RIBLET:  Becky & Phoebe.  This is another exceptional young horse that will be ready to shine in the 2013 show season. After 2 months together, Riblet is ready to shine in the 6 yo classes & Third Level.  I sure am bitter that the 6 yo classes do not require canter half pass as he floats across the arena ;(

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Our Exceptional Pet Shines at His First Show.....Is it possible to love a horse more then we love DRESSED TO KILL aka "CALVIN?"

Dressed to Kill, our 3 yo, only a few months undersaddle, is sooooo much fun!!!!  He has been our pet extraordinaire since before he was born in 2009 but, now, once undersaddle, he continues to step up to the plate.  Claudia and "Calvin" have been tooting away most of the summer while I have been, otherwise busy. I knew they looked great together, and after my November Symposium/Clinic experience at the YHTS2012, I knew Calvin was in a great spot as a 3 yo.  Together, we had a learning experience, today, as we showed Intro A&B with scores up to 76%.  I do not care about the scores or win but love the fact that Calvin, after only 8 rides with me, found his confidence and stride.  Our game plan with Calvin this winter is to get him off the property for some mileage and exposure to different facilities -- that way, he will be ready to shine in whatever capacity he is emotionally and physically mature enough to deal with in 2013.  No rush will be made with our perfect baby as we own him.

It is thrilling to me to post pictures of our baby undersaddle and I welcome all of my blog enthusiast to keep up with the Current News Section of Thornridge Manor Website.  I continue to work furiously to make the updates and I can happily report that I am up to Aug 2012 -- WOW, 2012 has been a busy year and I have not had much extra time for paperwork. All I can share is that we have has a great season and championships -- and, we have a new rat added to the pack!!!!!!! All good and exciting times for me and Claudia and my beloved Thornidge, though.